All our services are FREE OF CHARGE and CONFIDENTIAL.


We offer laboratory-quality urine pregnancy tests with immediate results. A positive pregnancy test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy. However, an ultrasound exam can confirm the test result

When you arrive for your appointment – either scheduled or you walk in – we will ask you to provide a valid photo ID and fill out a form requesting services. You will also be asked to provide a urine sample to run the pregnancy test.

Plan on 45 – 60 minutes with a PSC client advocate, who will listen to your story and provide you with relevant pregnancy decision help, in a safe and comfortable environment.

We are often asked if a support person may come with you for the appointment. Absolutely! It's important to have the support of a friend or family member who will respect you and your decision during an uncertain time.


A positive pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. An ultrasound exam will confirm your pregnancy.

If you have a positive test, an appointment may be offered for an ultrasound as indicated by a medical assessment.

1) Am I pregnant?

2) Is the pregnancy viable – that is, is the pregnancy in the uterus and is there a heartbeat? Or are you at risk for natural miscarriage? (About 1 in 4 known pregnancies end in miscarriage.) Or do you have a tubal pregnancy requiring immediate medical attention?

3) How far along am I?

Plan on 45 minutes for an ultrasound appointment. You may also bring a support person with you.


We offer pregnancy and parenting classes through our program, Earn While You Learn. 45 – 60 minute classes are available on a myriad of topics from what to expect in your first - third trimester, breast feeding all the way through to how do I get my two year-old to mind? We have prenatal, toddler and parenting classes. Many of our clients have older children and the parenting classes come in very handy.

Our classes are offered at 11am on Mondays, Wednesdays and at 5:30 on Tuesday evenings. Childcare is available for Tuesday evening classes. You may bring your baby in class with you if they are still a lap baby. Once they are moving around they need to be in the childcare room or you need to bring someone with you that can watch your baby.


Taking our classes permits you to participate in our Baby Boutique. The boutique is stocked with diapers, clothing for baby, new cribs & child safety seats, other baby equipment and supplies. You will receive a “baby buck” or voucher for each class you take.

For Example: One “baby buck” is good for 25 diapers or 3 outfits. 12 “baby bucks” for a new crib or 10 “baby bucks” for a safety infant car seat. These large items are reserved for clients who are coming on a regular, consistent basis.


  • Nurse Consultation
  • Client Advocacy

When facing pregnancy – intended or not, you may need a safe, caring, and confidential place to talk and have your story listened to. The Pregnancy Support Center’s volunteers offer compassionate support and helpful resources. Identifying your needs, listening to your concerns, and providing guidance through the decision making process will help you (and your partner if applicable) evaluate the next step.

We will answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, STI's (We provide referrals for testing), relationship concerns and other related concerns.


Our services are designed to inform – so YOU can decide. We are committed to our clients both during – and after – an unintended pregnancy. We understand the process of making a pregnancy plan is difficult.

Some women may struggle with depression, sadness, grief, fatigue and perhaps even self-harming behaviors after an abortion decision.

Therefore, we offer abortion recovery support for women who have experienced abortion at some point on their life's journey. Abortion recovery support is offered one on one. Our leader has terminated a pregnancy herself in the past and has been trained to help others find hope and healing just like she has experienced in her own life.

Struggling to get over a past abortion? Stop by, call or email us to learn more about this program.

It's a new day and your time to find healing and closure. Please call and make an appointment.